Absolut Vodka Debuts Absolut Berri Acai

A New Premium Vodka with the True Taste of Açaí, Blueberry and Pomegranate

The new ABSOLUT BERRI AÇAÍ brings together some of the world's most exciting flavors in a modern premium vodka. Açaí grows on palm trees in South America, blueberries are mainly native to North America and Europe, and pomegranate is a delicacy from Southwest Asia. These flavors mix very well, and together they create a vodka with a truly global appeal. ABSOLUT BERRI AÇAÍ will first be available in February 2010, at bars, restaurants and retailers in the United States.

"We have combined the smoothness of açaí with fresh pomegranate and blueberry notes, to create a new, modern flavor. ABSOLUT BERRI AÇAÍ has en elegant, focused berry aroma, a pure, vital and slightly juicy taste, and a smooth, crisp and berry finish. It is the perfect spirit for mixing, as its subtle fruit and flower notes add an elegant and refreshing tone to any cocktail", says Laura Stephen, Global Marketing Director ABSOLUT Flavors and Extensions, at The Absolut Company.

ABSOLUT VODKA introduced ABSOLUT PEPPAR (1986) and ABSOLUT CITRON (1988) at a time when no other brands thought of flavored vodka. Since then ABSOLUT has been a pioneer within the category, and with ABSOLUT BERRI AÇAÍ, ABSOLUT carries a line of twelve different flavors in addition to the original ABSOLUT VODKA.

"Creativity is what drives this brand forward. That applies not only to our marketing and design, but also to our product development. When launching a flavor, we want to make room for new cocktail experiences. With ABSOLUT BERRI AÇAÍ we hope to inspire bartenders and consumers, showing them how easy drink mixing can be. One of my favorites is the ABSOLUT BLUES, a sour with ABSOLUT BERRI AÇAÍ, lemon juice and simple syrup, garnished with blueberries and mint," adds Laura Stephen.

Just as the berries mix very well together, ABSOLUT BERRI AÇAÍ mixes well with a wide range of fruit juices and sodas. Mixed with club soda it conjures up a lazy summer afternoon, even in the winter. And shaken with cranberry juice and orange liqueur, it becomes an exceptionally flirty and delicious version of the Cosmopolitan.

The shape of the ABSOLUT VODKA bottle has made it one of the world's most iconic products, and ABSOLUT BERRI AÇAÍ reinforces the brand's strong design heritage. The new flavor comes in a transparent bottle with a deep-purple berry vine climbing around it.

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