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Shot or Slammer


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Several mixed drinks, for example the margarita, should be served with salt on the rim of the glass. To salt the rim of a glass, rub a cut lemon or lime around the rim and then dip the glass into rock or kosher salt.

A cocktail made from a base wine, spirit, or beer plus a sweetening agent and garnished with grated nutmeg.

An aged spirit that is distilled in Scotland from a fermented mash of grains.

A bar tool that creates a sure seal and is fitted with a built-in strainer that is used to shake together the ingredients for cocktails.

Some drinks are served shaken, not stirred. Use a cocktail shaker to blend the drink; shaking about 10 times is adequate for most drinks.

A wine fortified with brandy, made in a specific geographical area of Spain that surrounds the city of Jerez.

A cocktail meant to be downed in a single gulp.

A drink served in a rocks glass.

A 1 1/2-ounce measure of an ingredient.

Simple syrup
A solution of sugar dissolved in water that is used to sweeten cocktails.

A mixed drink made from a base spirit, citrus juice, simple syrup or a liqueur, and club soda that is served over ice in a Collins glass and usually garnished with fresh fruits.

A mixed drink made from a base spirit, simple syrup, and crushed mint leaves that is served over crushed ice in a Rocks glass and is garnished with a mint sprig.

A mixed drink composed of a base spirit, lemon juice, and simple syrup that is served straight up in a Sour glass or over ice in a Rocks glass.

Sparkling wine
Wine, such as champagne or Prosecco, that is carbonated by a secondary fermentation that takes place within the bottle.

An alcoholic beverage, such as brandy, gin, rum, or vodka, that is made by distilling a fermented mash of grains or fruits to a potency of at least 40 percent alcohol by volume.

A small amount of mixer added to a drink is a splash.

Straight up
A drink when served without ice.

Straight whiskey Straight whiskey
A spirit that is distilled from a fermented mash of grains and is aged in oak barrels to mature and develop flavor.

A cocktail made with a base spirit, citrus juice, simple syrup or a liqueur, and a carbonated beverage that is served in a Collins glass with a swizzle stick for stirring.

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