Valentine Cocktails with X-Rated Fusion Liqueur

Take it from us, it’s really just a myth that Valentine's Day is a couple's-only holiday.  It is the perfect day for anyone, single or taken, to get a little fun and flirty.  Whether you’re taking the town by storm with your single gal pals, finally going to ask out that girl who twists your stomach into knots and gets you all tongue tied, or staying in for a evening filled with romance, make sure your cocktails are as memorable as the chocolates, roses and love letters.

X-Rated Fusion Liqueur is a tempting and delicious treat of ultra-premium French vodka, blended with blood oranges and the essence of mango and passion fruit.  It is delicious enough to savor on its own, as a sophisticated indulgence when topped off with champagne, or downright sinful in a variety of delectable cocktails, such as the new devilish "Tongue Tied." And it makes a terrific gift for gals who can appreciate a flavorful drink that's low in calories.

With the flavors of this bright pink spirit on your lips, you can't help but smile after stealing a few sips and trying to knot the cherry garnish of a cocktail like the “Tongue Tied,” a delightful mix of X-Rated Fusion Liqueur and SKYY Infusions Cherry. Competitive types will find themselves in a giggle-filled game, trying to knot that stem faster than her other girlfriends can. Because Valentine’s Day isn’t just a holiday for the heart; it also relies quite heavily on the mouth.  Between whispering sweet nothings, nibbling on chocolates, sneaking in smooches and redefining “tongue tied” to be an example of your playful prowess, your mouth will need to take the rest of the month off.  But before then, here are a few recipes to wet your whistle and get the evening started in the tastiest way. Let your love flow this Valentine's Day with X-Rated Fusion Liqueur as your sweet and sultry love potion.


Tongue Tied Hopeless RomantiX
X-Rated Passion Love EliXir


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