Coffee-mate Holiday Cocktails

Forget milk; would that be your beverage of choice after a 12-hour night shift? Probably not. Do you ever wonder if Santa gets tired of milk and cookies? Jolly aside, he's a grown man, and maybe he wants something stronger or even a bit more indulgent after a long night of delivering presents. Check out these NEW holiday cocktails featuring decadent seasonal flavors like Gingerbread and Eggnog!

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    Cinnamon Bun-derful

    Why have the mess of eating a cinnamon bun when you can sip on this one of a kind Coffee. Don't forget the vanilla frosting.

    Cinnamon Bun-derful
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    Gingerbread Martini

    Put the martini glasses in the freezer to chill while you grab the following ingredients to make this tasty drink. DiVine Vodka, Brandy, Coffee-mate Gingerbread Latte, Cinnamon.

    Gingerbread Martini
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    Spiked Coffee Nog

    Spiked Coffee Nog without eggnog as an ingredient? That's right all you need to enjoy this alcoholic coffee beverage is some Coffee-mate Eggnog Latte.

    Spiked Coffee Nog

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