Bushwacker Recipe

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Ingredients you need
  • Baileys Irish Cream
  • Amaretto
  • Kahlua
  • Vodka
  • Grand Marnier
  • Nutmeg
  • Ice
How to make a Bushwacker Fill blender 3/4 with ice (small cubes best). Add a small splash of vodka, a small splash of Grand Marnier. Add a healthy serving of kaluha and a little less healthy splash of amarreto. Fill the blender with Bailey's until liquid is 1/2 inch from top of icecubes. Mix until smooth. Pour in hurricane glass and sprinkle some nutmeg on top! (Sorry about the vagueness. I learned this recipe while bartending in the Virgin Islands -- St. Thomas before it was demolished by Marylin. The drink is kick ass! The consistency should be like a milk shake, except without the milk. Also, this drink may be a bit expensive here (liquor is EXTREMELY cheap in the Caribbean)). Type of drink Cocktail Recommended glass Highball Glass


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