Chandeliers Drinking Game

Game Requirements For Chandeliers

1. Beer
2. one small glass per person (shot glasses work well)
3. a large glass
4. a quarter

How To Play Chandeliers

To start, place the largest glass in the center of the table and everyone else takes their smaller glasses and places them directly in front of them around the larger glass leaving about an inch between the large glass and their own. Each person pours some beer into his or her glass. Then, everyone then donates a little of their beer to the center cup.

From there everyone takes turns bouncing a quarter, attempting to get it in either an opponent’s cup or the center cup. If you make the quarter into an opponent’s cup, the opponent must drink what’s in the cup and then refill it. If you make it in your own cup you must drink your own.

If it is made in the center cup, everyone hurries to chug their beer. The last person to empty the glass and put the glass back on the table must drink the middle cup. However, the person who made the quarter into the large glass doesn’t have to partake in this activity.