Baseball Drinking Game

Game Requirements For Baseball

1. Four shot glasses
2. a quarter
3. 6+ people split into 2 teams (the more the merrier)

How To Play Baseball

Don’t worry. This game doesn’t involve a bunch of drunken people swinging large wooden objects around. This is a different kind of baseball. Fill the shot glasses with beer and line them up one behind another in a straight line (or the straightest line you can if you’re already drunk).

One team starts by bouncing the quarter and trying to make it into one of the shot glasses. The first shot glass in the row denotes first base, the second one denotes second base, and so on. When the person gets the quarter in one of the shot glasses, he must drink the beer from all of the shot glasses behind it. For instance, if you get it in the front shot glass, you must drink the three behind it. After one player gets a turn, a player from the opposite team gets a turn. Make sure to keep track of how many “players” are on bases because for every “run” your team makes all of the people on the opposing team must drink.