Beeramid Drinking Game

Game Requirements For Beeramid

1. A deck of cards

How To Play Beeramid

The dealer lays out 15 cards in a pyramid form and deals 5 cards to each player face down. Each card in the pyramid represents one drink. Everyone looks at their own cards but they don’t let anyone else see them. The dealer flips the top card in the pyramid. If you have the card you can tell someone to drink. You can also bluff that you have the card. The players can drink or call the bluff. If you call the bluff and the person doesn’t have the same card, they drink double. If the player has the card, the person that called the bluff drinks triple. If a player has two or more of the card flipped then they can make someone drink once for each match that they have or they can distribute the drinks between more than one player.