Across the Bridge Drinking Game

Game Requirements For Across the Bridge

1. A deck of cards

How To Play Across the Bridge

Deal ten cards face down in a straight line. This is the bridge. The play starts by one player flipping up the first card in the bridge. If it’s a 2 through 10, then the player is safe and can flip another card over. If a player flips over a jack, queen, king, or ace, the player must drink (one sip of beer for a jack, two for a queen, three for a king, and four times for an ace). The player must also add cards to the bridge (one for a jack, two for a queen, and so on). The play then continues to the next player. The player that flips up the last card in the bridge is the winner. The play continues with the remaining players, the cards are shuffled and the game begins again.